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Thank you to our partners and sponsors!


Below is a letter that we wrote to our musicians and supporters – it might give you a good idea of what Go Listen Boise has been up to this past year (2010):

Go Listen Boise 2010 Recap

January 1, 2011


We want to share with you our accomplishments from the past year, as we are very proud to have been a part of so many amazing musical events amongst our community. We have had an abundance of artistic talent added to everything we’ve been a part of, whether it be in musical form, or conceptual in the form of event posters. We have had many contributions to help us accomplish all that we have, in the form of venues, silent auction donations, monetary donations, as well as time and muscle, gear and sound engineering, as well as incredible support from the local media. We were the recipients of a few generous grants to help pay our deserving and hard working artists. In a nutshell, we have been showered with an overwhelming amount of help and generosity that we are so very grateful for.  We had a slogan for 2010 that reads, “Go Ahead, Get an Earful,” and we think we’ve helped many Boiseans do just that.  Here’s a recap on the year:

In February we put together a fun night of Music and Masquerade at The Linen Building. The line-up for this event included Boise Rock School, Kill Uncle, Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats, and Thomas Paul. Grant Olsen emceed the night for us and April VanDeGrift lent her amazing talent to our poster for this event.

In April, the Neurolux hosted a benefit show for us, which we were very appreciative of! The friends who played this show for us were Apple Charm, Sleepy Seeds, and Beautician. The poster for this show was created by our own Ali Ward. We also helped out with a Benefit for Haiti show at The Egyptian. The Boise High School Orchestra, A Seasonal Disguise, and Built To Spill played this show, which brought in $8,000 for the cause. April also brought about Record Store Day, which is always a blast and provides very much reason to celebrate our beloved Record Exchange. We had a huge bake sale to try to generate some revenue for GLB; as well as organized a couple busking stations on the sidewalk outside of the store. Buskers included such friends as Brian Mayer, Curtis Stigers, Matt Hopper, Mel Wade, Tuck Nelson, Hillfolk Noir, Hokum Hi-Flyers, Acousticats, a.k.a Belle, Poke, Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats, Bernie Reilly, Boise Rock School, WRY, Workin On Fire, Jeff Cochran, Dan Costello, and Kayleigh Jack. We love busking!

For the second year running, we headed up booking local bands to open for the Alive After 5 Summer Concert Series. We had 60 submissions this year, which allowed us to have an entire different 18 bands represent our local collective of musicians from those that played for us in 2009. Our local music sponsor (who payed each and every local band that performed) was Donnie Mac’s!  Thank you to Donnie MacKenzie and Jodi Peterson for making that happen!  2010’s 18 were The Well Suited; David Robert King and The Lost River Boys; James Orr; Audio Moonshine; RevoltRevolt; Poke; The Jacks; Bank; Amuma Says No; Black Jack Moonshiners; With Child; Andy Byron & The Lost River Band; Sleepy Seeds; A Seasonal Disguise; Soul Serene; Rebecca Scott; Acousticats; and Jeremiah James Gang. We are very happy to have our locals be a part of this annual event again, and are looking forward to partnering with the Downtown Boise Association for the 2011 AA5 season.

Once a month in May through October we hosted the Grand ‘Ol Time Music Series at The Linen Building.    Who knew so many people needed square dancing in their lives? The enthusiasm and turnouts for these shows blew us away! So fun! Artists that played this series for us were Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats; Bill Coffey; Black Jack Moonshiners; The Jacks, James Coberly-Smith; Johnny Shoes and The Rhythm Rangers; The Cowbelles; Chris Gutierrez with Bernie Reilly; Neo Tundra Cowboy; David Robert King and The Lost River Boys; and Hillfolk Noir. Hokum Hi-Flyers played for the square dance portions of the shows, the dances being called by Dorothy Shue. Our friends at The Boise Fry Co. came out with their fry truck to offer up tasty fries and burgers. This series was embraced so heartily that The Linen Building has decided to schedule square dances, outside of GLB, on the first Friday of each month in 2011! The spectacular poster art for this series was by Erin Cunningham, and the t-shirts were layed out and printed by Ryan Davis of Deadwood Designs.  The funding for this project was provided by The Boise Weekly Cover Auction Grant program, thank you Boise Weekly! 

June brought about the inaugural Boise Rec Fest, which GLB organized 2 days of music for on the main stage. That music was provided by Bellamy Rose; low-fi; Bank; Poke; Gizzard Stone; Thomas Paul; Steve Fulton Music; Boise Rock School; Soul Serene; New Transit; Sleepy Seeds; and Finn Riggins. We have been asked to take part in this event again, which we gladly said yes to.

On the 3rd Sundays of July-November we coordinated musical addition to the East End Market at Bown Crossing, in the form of both full band performances as well as busking. We love busking! Bands and artists who joined in for this event were Lisa Simpson; New Transit; Hillfolk Noir; Michael Blumenstein; Travis McDaniel; Matt Vorhies; Zach House and Karen Singletary; Steve Bowes; Fleet Street Klezmer Band; and Naomi Psalm.  Boise Rock School was also present at each market showcasing a variety of their bands and teaching walk-in workshops.

In August we helped promote the 2nd annual Boise Curb Cup, as well as create our very own award to present to one of the performers. We named our award “Best Band We Ain’t Never Heard Of” and presented it to a fun, generation-spanning band called Hip Hop Heroes.

Rock For Rhodes took place at the end of September. It was an incredibly rad day of music and skateboarding (and roller skating ala The Treasure Valley Roller Girls) at Rhodes Park. We partnered with Newt and Harrolds, Prestige, and The Board Room and The Boise Skateboard Association for this show, to gather funds for helping to make improvements to Rhodes Park. This show was rocked by Sandusky Furs; Little Miss & The NoNames; Social Antidote; and The Well Suited. Pie Hole came out with their truck to sell slices and cold drinks.We’re hoping to put together a similar event for sometime in 2011 because it was a most beautiful partnership and so much fun! Kelly Knopp was behind the killer poster art for this show.

We worked throughout the year to help promote, support and take part in the very exciting, first annual Promenade Music Festival. It took place over October 7-9th. We organized and hosted music during all 3 nights of the festival at Bittercreek Alehouse and Red Feather Lounge. Artists who played for us were Dan Costello; Johnny Shoes; Steve Bowes; Travis McDaniel; Hillfolk Noir; Lisa Simpson; Brian Mayer; Chad Summervill; James Coberly-Smith; The Jacks; Jonah Shue; David and Rosie; James Orr; David Robert King; Tuck Nelson; Will Bell; Joey Corsentino; Chris Gutierrez; Brad Deteau; Jerry Fee; and Lee Pensky. The Promenade is something we hope to see thrive and grow and become an annual event in Boise.

In November we hosted Rock To Read, an event to raise funds to buy books for the libraries within the Boise School District, as funding for books was cut out of the federal budget. What? I know, ridiculous. This event of music and spoken word was held at The Linen Building, emceed by our friend Tim Johnstone, and included such speakers/performers as Nicole LeFavour, Joy Steiner; Excene Cervenka; Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats; New Transit; Travis McDaniel; Lisa Simpson; Boise Rock School; Field Guide; and a.k.a Belle. Rediscovered Bookshop generously partnered with us for this event and helped us meet our fundraising goal of $3,000, which will buy every elementary and middle school in the Boise School District 4 award winning books. Pie Hole joined us again to sell slices of pizza. We are so proud of this endeavor and thankful for every piece of help given to us for its success! This amazing poster was created by Jonny Fuego. We plan to do it all again in October 2011. We also put together a night called Listen While You Paint in November. This took place at Ceramica during their partnership with The Idaho Foodbank’s Empty Bowls project. Friends Tim Andreae; Naomi Psalm; and Lisa Simpson played music for us. Charlotte LaVictoire drew up an adorable poster for this fun little gig.

Early December brought about Radio Boise’s annual fundraising event, Practice New Year’s Eve, which we gladly helped to promote and organize music for. That music was provided by Boise Rock School; Junior Rocket Scientist; Mickey The Jump; John E. Combat; and Radio Boise DJs Chris Hess and Chris Wegener played music between bands. We are very hopeful and excited for Radio Boise to hit the airwaves in April and this event got them $6,000 closer to that goal.

Each week throughout the year, GLB sends out an eblast called the Neighborhood Noise (thank you, Elizabeth!). Inside of this eblast is a weekly listing of local musical goings on. It’s open to and free for any and all local artists, bands, promoters and venues to submit their show info, ideally with a flier or poster file attached, so we can blast it out. Our email recipient list is reaching 500. We are thrilled to be reaching out to so many community members. The address to receive the Neighborhood Noise and/or submit info to is: .

We’d like to send special acknowledgement and thanks to our sponsors and partners, who have provided us with monetary support and gift cards with which to pay our artists; as well as venue space and gear and sound support:

The Record Exchange
Bittercreek Alehouse
Boise Co-Op
Boise Rock School
The Linen Building Events Center
Visual Arts Collective
Audio Lab
Pie Hole
Donnie Mac’s
Boise Fry Co.
Deadwood Designs
The River’s Morning Show: Journal Broadcast Group
Flying M
Modern Hotel
Boise Weekly
The Muse Building
Boise City Department of Arts and History
Boise City Department of Parks and Recreation
Sustainable Community Connections of Idaho
Think Boise First
Idaho Commission on the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts

We are anticipating even more good things to happen within our artistic community during 2011!

With sincere thanks and love, and wishes for a wonderful New Year,

Go Listen Boise
~Alison Ward
~Catherine Merrick
~Stephanie Coyle
~Elizabeth Orcutt
~Erica Sparlin-Dryden
~Nick Cook
~Jeff Cochran
~Adam Schreiner


Venue/Resource Name: Performing Arts Downtown (organized & managed by Dept. of Arts & History with funding support from Capital City Development Corporation)
Description: Programs designed to –

  • Expand opportunities & exposure for performing artists.
  • Increase appreciation for the arts in daily life.
  • Bring people and families downtown to support economic development.

Location: Capital City Public Market (Thursdays & Saturdays);
Hours of Business: Reach Amy Fackler between weekdays, 8-5pm, 433-5675;
Booking Contact: Amy Fackler; applications posted and open annually in mid-to-late January; close at the end of February.

Established in the spring of 2008 – the Boise Rock School is a local,
independent music school that teaches kids 6-17 how to rock! The Boise
Rock School is dedicated to making the youth of the Treasure Valley
more creative, impassioned and talented; In turn, making our community
a better place to live. In addition to after school classes, the Boise
Rock School also teaches outreach classes at Idaho schools. Kid bands
from the Boise Rock School have played the Knitting Factory, The
Grove, the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games, The Linen
Building, The Record Exchange, and other great venues in Idaho.
Location: 1187 River Street, Boise, 83702
Hours of Business: 4-8 PM M-F
Phone: 559-09065

Description: A small, waterbased screen printing business operated by a couple of gentle ponies who really love music, design and printed things.
Location: the bench, boise, idaho
Hours of Business: monday-thursday, 11-4
Booking Contact: juliana mclenna

Description: The Sawtooth Music Festival takes great pride in bringing people together to enjoy an eclectic mix of live music in arguably one of the most stunning settings on earth. We are humbled to have the Sawtooth Mountains as our backdrop and the Salmon River flowing nearby. The event and its location provide the perfect opportunity to educate the public about the greater Sawtooth Valley. While musicians, stilt-walkers, and vendors entertain, nonprofit organizations educate about the natural beauty that surrounds.
Location: Stanley, ID; Pioneer Park, Foot of the Sawtooth Mountains
Hours of Business: Last Weekend in July
Booking Contact: ,

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