Lee Penn Sky

Hello Friends,

Lee Penn Sky and the Oliphants are competing in “battle of the bands” with
our friends Deviant Kin tomorrow May 7 during Idaho Gives day.  We aren’t
competing for prizes or anything like that, we are competing for bragging
rights about who can help our favorite non-profit organization the most –
the Boise Hive.

Judging- it is simple, who ever can get the most people to contribute
during their set wins. Again we are not trying to get the most money
donated but the most people donating at the Idaho Gives foundation
sponsors will reward high numbers of donors with cash bonuses to the Hive.

How can you help?- Locally, you can come down to the Record Exchange for
our set tomorrow May 7th at 7:00-7:30pm MST and donate there or you can
donate during that time period using the link from ANYWHERE.
Now though we want to win this competition we want the Hive to win more so
if you can’t donate during that time frame please donate anytime.  You can
even schedule a donation today to be delivered tomorrow.

What is the Hive? Here is a letter from them…

One Day of Giving Celebrating the Great Work of Nonprofits in Idaho
Tomorrow is an exciting day as we prepare to participate in our first
Idaho Gives, an annual statewide day of giving raising awareness and funds
for the 500+ causes that make our state a vibrant place to live!  We love
Idaho.  We love the musicians and artists that contribute to our creative
landscape.  That landscape is growing and Boise Hive aims to meet the
growing needs of this population by providing the essentials for artists
of all ages to thrive, from safe and sober practice space, to affordable
recording, and business and wellness resources.

As a new nonprofit with a new model for serving the creative community, we
need funds to keep our doors open 7 days a week as we grow our programs to
match the demands.  Our overhead is high but our costs to musicians for
the services we provide are low to free.  We can’t keep this volunteer
run, community driven space alive without your help!

Please consider a gift to Boise Hive on May 7th – a day when your
contribution can go further, with the potential of $10 turning in to a

Please visit http://bit.ly/BOISEHIVE to schedule your gift today!

Boise Hive has provided 100’s of hours of affordable practice space to
musicians in our community.  We have referred musicians in need to mental
health services.   We have built a space where a newly single dad can get
a break in his week to practice with his band in one of our equipped rooms
while his kids do their homework and practice the cello in our community
room.  We have been there for many artists who just needed a friendly,
safe place to go.  We have done this with our amazing and growing team of
volunteers and through generous donations, both in-kind and monetary, from
the community.  We do this with YOU.

We are a donor funded, volunteer driven community space utilized by
artists across SW Idaho‚Ķ and it is driven by YOU.  Please consider a
tax-deductible gift on May 7th.

TomorrowMay 7th, Idaho Gives, will you?

With your help, Boise Hive will thrive!

This organization is near and dear to my heart, please make it near and
dear to yours.


Lee Penn Sky

P.S. Listen to our new album on our website www.leepennsky.com

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